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Playball Baseball Academy has evolved into an internationally renowned baseball academy in its 30-year history. Despite the growing interest, we limit ourselves to a select number of participants to ensure “personal attention” because quality is highly valued by us.

We also have high standards for our instructors. They are selected based on their experience and the positions of the registered participants. Our instructors played in the Dutch Major League and/or the Dutch National Team, or in American leagues. They provide instruction based on their own experiences.

playball clubhouseThe Playball location in Amsterdam West has 4 fields (2 senior, 1 large junior, and 1 Little League), an indoor hall with artificial turf, 2 batting cages, and a fitness room. Overnight stays are possible in the indoor hall, which is adjacent to changing and -bath rooms, and a visitor terrace. The clubhouse (where fresh meals are prepared and served from a professional kitchen) is accessible from the hall and changing rooms.

Playball Europe offers a week program that starts in the morning with an intensive warm-up, followed by specific position clinics, game situations and base-playball hitting gagesrunning. After lunch, there are hitting clinics, a fruit break, and daily games.

In the evenings, there are activities such as a Homerun Contest and fun games. On Wednesday evenings, we organize the traditional Playball Grand BBQ, which parents and family members also participate in, followed by the final Homerun Derby.

On the last day (Friday), we conclude with a closing ceremony where the Head Coaches address their group, present certificates, and hand out personal awards.

You can register as a DayCamper or NightCamper, and for all participants, drink coolers are available all day, and you will receive a Playball t-shirt.



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