jesurun chichoChicho's Bunt Game was devised by the late Chicho Jesurun, a prominent figure in the early days of Playball Europe and a long-serving Head Coach. Chicho, who previously scouted for the Montreal Expos and later the Miami Marlins, played a key role in signing players such as Roger Bernadina (MLB Expos, Nationals, Phillies, Reds and Dodgers).

The game

This game can be played at any time, whether due to a shortage of players at practice, on a wet grass field, or indoors. It's designed for fast-paced action and focuses on developing “quick feet and quick hands”.

The primary rule is NO FULL SWINGS ALLOWED, with only underhand throws or flips permitted. The basic rules are similar to baseball and softball but with the following:

  1. Choose teams of a) 5 vs. 5, b) 6 vs. 6, or c) 7 vs. 7.
    1. P / C / 2 infield / 1 outfield
    2. P / C / 3 infield / 1 outfield
    3. P / C / 3 infield / 2 outfield   
  2. Base distances are 5 to 6 meters (depending on age group).
  3. Infielders start BEHIND the line between bases.
  4. Infielders can only move IN after the pitcher releases the ball.
  5. The pitcher stands slightly deeper in proportion.
  6. The pitcher and all fielders throw only underhand.
  7. Base runners can't leave until the ball leaves the bat.
  8. If a base runner departs prematurely, an out is recorded. Therefore, if there are already 2 outs, it becomes 3 outs, and teams switch.
  9. Base runners stand behind and "against" the base and can only run once the ball leaves the bat.
  10. Stealing bases is not allowed.
  11. Drag and push bunts are permitted.
  12. 3 (or more**) outs result in a team switch.
  13. If an infielder moves in before the pitcher releases the ball, one out is subtracted from the fielding team. (e.g., if there are 2 outs, it becomes 1 out again).
  14. Quick switches – once the P and C are ready, the P can throw. Therefore, the batter must be prepared earlier.

Ensure the safety of all players.


PS  We will post a video as soon as possible

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