Playball Europe brings the best to make sure that any individual will progress significantly

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At Playball Europe, our goal is to provide top-quality baseball instruction that not only enhances the skills of our participants but also instills a passion for the game.
The Playball Europe Instructors are qualified coaches and active players who share their knowledge and experience. They are carefully selected based on their expertise, experience, and commitment to the development of young athletes.

Each Instructor has played at the highest level, including in Dutch ML teams or for the Dutch National Team. Some of them were part of the Dutch team that became world champion in 2011, defeating the 'unbeatable' Cuba Team.
Additionally, several instructors bring experience from the MLB or Minor League, or compete in strong American university competitions.

Over the past 30 years, many instructors with experience in their position, have given their best at Playball Europe.

As follow the present playball instructors

Frank van Heijst

Playball Program Manager

Brian Finnegan

Playball Head Coach

Roelie Henrique

Playball Head Coach

Scott Prins

Playball Head Coach

Jair van Borkulo

Catcher Clinic

Jordan Illis

Outfield Clinic

Jorrit Penseel

First Base

Pim Vijfvinkel


Matis Crouwel


Kit Gijsbers


Eric de Vries

Pitcher Clinic

Jesse van Koeverden


Jelle van der Lelie


Luca Pastor


Jesse Aussems

Connor Prins


Delano Salassa

Infield Clinic

Nick Urbanus

Infield Clinic

Gilmer Lampe

Hitting Clinic

Sicnarf Loopstok


Kalian Sams

Hitting Clinic

Roland Laurens

First Base/Infield

As follow the Instructors from the early playball years

Markus Torenstra

Raban Schalm

Chicho Jeserun †

MLB Scout

Rikkert Faneyte

MLB Giants Outfield

Nathan Davis

GM Adelaide Giants

Carlos Acosta

MLB Yankees/Marlins

Fausto Alvares

Cuba Team

Kenny Berkenbosch

Tom de Blok

Dennis Burgersdijk

Max Clarijs

Wesley Connor

Rene Cremer

Michael Duursma

Lindell Fincy

Bart Gabriels

Rik Geestman

Rashid Gerard

Pablo Gutierrez


Kevin van Hagen

Bjorn Henrichs

Roeland Henrique Sr

Swen Huijer

Percy Isenia

Ronald Jaarsma

Eelco Jansen

Bas de Jong

Jos de Jong

Sidney de Jong

Dutch NL Team Coach

Michiel van Kampen

Mark Kan

Kevin Karper

Randy Kierce

MLB Scout Expos / Marlins

Anthony van Klarenbosch

Elton Koeiman

Zair Koeiman

Roel Koolen

Mitchel Koot

Lennart Koster

Niels de Lugt

Frank Maduro

Bob van der Meer

Stijn van der Meer

Damian Melis

Loek van Mil †

Mark-Jan Moorman

Maarten Mulder

Bas Nooij

Koen Nooij

David Overbeek

Keino Perez

Rogier van de Poel

Carlos Ramzi Ripoll


Vince Rooi

Tjerk Smeets

Dutch NL Team Coach

Ferd van Stekelenburg

Nick Stuifbergen

Tom Stuifbergen

Dillon True

Charles Urbanus

Seb Visser

Daniel Vos

Jeffrey de Vrieze

Sape Wagenaar

Sil Wagenaar

Pim Walsma

Kevin Weijgertse

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